We were very happy to find Sarah as a teacher for our seven year old son.  He had never taken piano before and he was immediately engaged. The more he learns, the more he seems to enjoy learning.  Within a few months, he was playing simple pieces with two hands, then progressed to chords later that year.  Sarah suggested Cameron try singing along with some of the songs he was learning since the simple lyrics were written along with the notes.  He did well with this challenging task and it was so special to listen to him singing and playing at the same time.  
Carol asked her son what he thought of Sarah as a teacher and here’s what he said:
She explains things well.  She also demonstrates things well, like if I don’t get something she’ll play it on the piano.  The songs are at my level and the songs sound nice.   She’s a good teacher and she’s friendly.  She’s funny too and that makes it more fun.
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